How to use concrete batching machine 1, the opening of ingredients, the measure known as bucket should be empty bucket, shown above, must be 0, if not for the "0" press the Clear key. 2, batching controller does not work if the occasional case, you can turn off the power on again. 3, concrete batching machine boot first dosing process to steel straightening machine automatically drop the amendment procedure. Later on by the results of this revised formulation, when each material is divided into two sections automatically correct ingredients, in order to achieve the measurement requirements. 4, said metering hopper debris must be careful not to get stuck. 5, concrete batching machine to check the circuit before starting the wireless head loose and loose components, if any should be securely connected and rugged box can not put debris. First, the powder material called slow Symptom: The powder measure is very slow, said feeding time more than two minutes, while the normal Weighing less than 20 seconds. Analysis: Factors affecting mainly the poor and concrete mixing stations feed screw conveyor damage inferior powder cans. Said the poor performance of the powder material in the form of powder bagging, powder tank at the discharge port caking material, the material valve opening is too small, lack of materials and other powder tank. The damage is mainly helical screw conveyor blade machine for bending steel deformation, not the normal delivery. Approach: open air blown arch breaker; check the powder tank discharge opening of the butterfly valve, and butterfly valve is fully open position; check whether the material at the outlet of powder agglomeration tank; check the spiral blade is deformed, such as the removal of distortion correction or replacement. Second, the aggregate conveyor belt slipping on rainy days Symptom: On a rainy day, concrete mixing station China Concrete Vibrator Hose inclined belt slippage when the belt load operation. Analysis: Rainy Day, aggregate moisture and exposed parts of the belt is easy to damp, especially the inner belt moist humid, reducing the friction coefficient between the belt and the driving drum, the drum torch passed to reduce twisting of the belt, the moment conveyor belt material is less than the required torque, the belt on slipping. Approach: increase the belt tensioner with belt tension adjustment screw weight or to increase positive pressure between the belt and the drum, so as to achieve the frictional force between the drive pulley and the belt; adjust the tension near the driving drum roll, by Large belt on the drive drum wrap angle, increasing the friction; if above method does not resolve, you need to replace the non-slip rollers.